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Way to Inujima on and after 5th. Nov. 2013

:added 30th. March 2016

Remarkable information
On and after 28th. April 2016, JR Okayama st. bus terminal(East-gate) changes its bus stop formation.
For Saidaiji, Hoden(Inujima) is No.10 stop of East-gate.

Inujima is an island in Setonaikai(inland sea). There is held "Setouchi Triennnale 2013" until 4th. Nov. 2013.

This article shows you how to visit Inujima after that.

Starting point is JR Okayama Station

Though you are now in Tokyo, Takamatsu or others, the starting point to Inujima is JR Okayama Station. In fact, there are some other ways, please understand for make to simplify the explanation.

No.9 bus platform of Higasiguchi Bus Terminal

There are two bus-terminals around JR Okayama station. HIgashiguchi Bus Terminal is also called 'Okayama-eki Bus Terminal'. Other terminal 'Okayama-eki Nishiguchi Terminal' don't have No.9 platform.

At No.9 bus platform of Higashiguchi Bus Terminal

There is no direct bus line to Inujima on and after 5th. Nov. 2013. "Setouchi Triennnale 2013" is closed 4th., and special direct bus is not operated from 5th.

So, take other way to Inujima from No.9 bus platform.

  • Take a bus to 'Saidaiji', not 'Okayama International Hotel / Okayama Kokusai Hotel)'line and 'Sohnan-danchi'line.
  • There are two bus lines to Sadaiji at No.9 platform. Both line is available to Saidaiji.
  • You may spend for about 45min. on the bus.
  • Get off the last stop. It is 'Saidaiji Bus Center' and spend 390yen for the bus fare.

At Saidaiji Bus Center

There is a bus line called 'Hoden'. 'NIshi-hoden' bus stop in Hoden line is convenient to visit Inujima.

  • No.2 is the platform of 'Hoden' line.
  • Time table is----
    • everday = 10:00, 12:45, 14:20,
    • not operated on Saturdays, Sundays, National-holidays = 17:30

It seems to me that a departure time 17:30 bus is not available to return from Inujima. It is no problem, if you have reserved accommodation at the island.

If you want to get on the 10:00 bus of Hoden line at Saidaiji B.C., it seems to be OK that you get on 08:57 bus of No.9 platform at Higashiguchi B.T.

At Nishihoden bus stop: walk to a ferry port with others.

When getting off the bus at Nishihoden Bus Stop, most of people also goes to a ferry port. Of course, the port is of Inujima ferry.
Walk to the ferry port with others for 3 min. The ferry departure time is related by the bus arrival time.

Inujima Ferry Port / 宝伝港定期船のりば