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Time table to Inujima from JR Okayama Station

:added 30th. March 2016

Remarkable information
On and after 28th. April 2016, JR Okayama st. bus terminal(East-gate) changes its bus stop formation.
For Saidaiji, Hoden(Inujima) is No.10 stop of East-gate.

Inujima is an island on Setonaikai(inland sea). After 4th. Nov. 2013, the direct bus line from Okayama station to Nishi-hoden bus stop is not available. This article inform another time table to you.


JR Saidaiji Station, or Ryobi-bus Saidaiji Bus Centre is a remarkable place.
If you would like to enjoy Inujima longer, it is strongly recommended to take a bus on 10:00 Bus at Saidaiji Bus Centre or 10:05 bus at JR Saidaiji Eki Bus Stop.
↓JR Saidaiji Eki Bus Stop
↓head view to Hoden Line Bus(There may be other displays, but all right if there is '宝伝'(Kanji-characters. pronunciation is 'Hōden’).