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The 507th. Hadakamatsuri at Saidaiji, Okayama, on the 20th. Feb. 2016:MAP and ACCESS

:added 30th. March 2016

Remarkable information
On and after 28th. April 2016, JR Okayama st. bus terminal(East-gate) changes its bus stop formation.
For Saidaiji, Hoden(Inujima) is No.10 stop of East-gate.

Loincloth figure of men to contend for "SHIN-GI"(wooden sticks with fragrance) called "HADAKAMATSURI" will climax at 10 pm February 20, 2016.

The festival is a "celebration", but it is similar to the battle to compete for treasure "SHIN-GI".


by JR train
  • Saidaiji-staion (JR Ako-line) is the nearest station.
    • From Okayama-station(No.3 or No.4 home. but San-yo-line uses those homes, so you must be careful.)
    • Station order:Okayama<-->NIshigawara/Shujitsu<-->Takashima<-->Higashiokayama<-->Ohdara<-->Saidaiji
    • JR Saidaiji Station
by Ryobi bus
  • For Saidaiji Bus Center(terminal) or Saidaiji-eyoh(temporary one night TERMINAL for the Hadaka-matsuri.) is good to visit.
    • From JR Okayama Bus terminal(east) No.9 is avairable to .
    • Be careful:No.9 bus stop is shared with other destinations.
    • All for Saidaiji(西大寺) is avairable to visit HADAKA-MATSURI
    • The temporary one night TERMINAL for the Hadaka-matsuri is extended for Saidaiji-bus-center line.
    • MAP Saidaiji Bus Center